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Tiziano Guardini, born in 1980, is a young and promising designer who is making his way into eco-sustainable fashion. He was the first one to win, in September 2017, the “FRANCA SOZZANI, GREEN CARPET FASHION AWARD FOR BEST EMERGING DESIGNER” and in October of the same year the “PETA COUTURE AWARD” and to open MFW in 2019.

For the F/W 2021 collection, Be Light, the designer wants to tell a story, one about the unbreakable bond between humanity and nature, that establishes the boundary between real and illusory. He emphasises that, thanks to nature, we humans will never be alone, and this must remind us that all lives and movement are interconnected. The story ends with the protagonist connecting with her surroundings after she ventures into the woods. Artist Kiki Smith is the muse of this collection. Over the past three decades, she has investigated, dismembered and re-assembled the theme of nature, linking it to the most intimate stories of the female and animal world.

With the same sensitivity, Tiziano wants to narrate the most primordial part of a woman, one who is building her life with garments that reuse fabrics giving them a second life, teaching us that there is no future without a past.

All skirts, trousers and blazers are made of Jacquard and checker fabrics by Lanificio Cerruti and assembled with regenerated materials supplied by Tex Moda. ECONYL® di Aquafil‘s nylons, obtained from fishing nets and recycled materials, give life to the puffer jackets. Furthermore, historic weaving mill, Luigi Bevilacqua collaborated with Tiziano Guardini to create a series of garments such as coats and suits that are built using traditional methods and detailing.

Swarovski participates in this mission with their collection of Totem animals. They aspire to protect and guide the girl on this journey. Foxes, fish and hummingbirds are made of Upcycled Crystal, proving that what already exists can acquire a new value in a different reality. Symbolizing protection are also the Gargoyle-shaped jewels created by the southern designer Gianni De Benedittis.

These fine and limited-edition items all require a considerable amount of work to create. Each of them will be delivered with a descriptive label, including the name of the person who created it, to answer the question “Who Made My Clothes?”. As this is a collection made using archival fabrics from various companies, each garment will be numbered, as happens for unique art pieces.


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